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Jobs-me: Job Search Made Easy

We understand that job search can be an overwhelming and often daunting process even for the high performers. Career management is one of those overlooked skills which is absolutely critical to your success. We help you navigate this journey with ease.

There is a whole art and science behind getting a job that is aligned with your aspirations. Competent professionals get passed over opportunities just because they do not understand how job-search and recruitment works. Job Search and recruitment process has evolved over the years.

Jobs-me was started in 2015 with the mission to help people land amazing jobs FAST! And we have been delivering on that promise ever since.

We are also trusted career partners with INSEAD, SMU Postgraduate Career Services, Workforce Singapore and NetExpat.

Why work with us?

Extensive experience in recruitment and job search

Shub brings a wealth of experience in job search across all levels of seniority and can re-invent your job search strategy to give immediate results. We know what works in the market and what doesn’t. There’s no guesswork. Infact, the system we have created over the years works for almost everyone looking for a job. We give you tips on how to proceed further while keeping your individuality intact.

Your partner throughout the job search

We will be with you throughout your job search, no matter how long it takes. We have delivered excellent outcomes for our clients over the years. In fact, over 60% of our clients are referrals because people have seen first-hand what we can do to job search. And that’s why, we are comfortable guaranteeing that we will be with you throughout the journey instead of making it a time-based adventure.

Our priority is to get you job offers. If we are not a good fit, we are happy to recommend you to other resources which might be a better fit. For this reason, the initial call and strategy session is so important!


We know how frustrating and demoralizing it can get when you don’t see results in your job search for months. When people come to us, we bring accountability to the job search on a weekly basis to keep you focused on your goals. And we make sure you don’t get pulled in different directions but stay laser-focused on actions which give results. This helps you to avoid many painful mistakes!

Our Founder

Shub Faujdar

Shub is a job search strategist, career coach, and LinkedIn specialist who helps people get amazing jobs fast. She has been in the recruitment landscape since 2006 and understands how things work in the industry.

She has an engineering from NUS with ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) certification and membership with International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has worked with recruitment consultancies like Michael Page and Aurec before starting Jobs-me in 2015.

Shub is a strong advocate of people going through the job search process with pride and authority rather than desperation and helplessness.

Michelle Alforque

Our Business Services Manager

If you have worked with Jobs-me since 2017, you would have experienced the meticulous care of Michelle throughout the process. She ensures that you get all the required templates and information as you progress through your job search. She is also the face behind the social media of Jobs-me’s company pages on various platforms.

Without formal training, Michelle took the challenge of working online in 2016. She started as a virtual assistant for a California-based Digital Marketing company and later got into the Top 1% Of Online Talent under the FreeeUp marketplace from where she landed the role in Jobs-me.